The Free Personalized Life-Size Commemorative Print Program gives anglers a great incentive to release their trophy fish! This program is sponsored by Scheels.

When you practice Catch & Release you are:

  • Allowing the fish to live to be caught again
  • Saving money by not having a taxidermy or replica made
  • Preserving this world-class trophy smallmouth bass fishery
  • Qualifying for a Personalized Print that you can frame as you choose to match your home decor

The Prints are provided free of charge for MLSA members who have caught, documented and safely released a 21" or longer Smallmouth out of Lake Mille Lacs.

Your Picture Could Be Here!

Catch, Document and Safely release a 21"+ Smallmouth on Mille Lacs, enter your information in the form above and you will qualify for a Free Commemorative Print AND have a spot right here in the Free The Fighter Trophy Board!

This is exclusive for MLSA Members - Join Today!

Release your smallmouth and receive a Free Personalized Life-Size Print of your fish, and join our Free the Fighter Trophy Board. Incentives for 17" and longer released, but when a 21" or longer is released receive a commemorative print from MLSA and corporate partner Scheels (for 2018 season). Use form below to enter or email and we will send you the forms with directions to enter.

This is a member benefit, but entering and joining are allowed at the same time. 

Enter For the Free Personalized Life-Size Print

Catch a Fish Smaller than 21" but it's a Personal Best?

Why A Free Print Program?

Scheels has partnered with us again this year in sponsoring the Free the Fighter Free Personalized Life-Size Commemorative Print. This Program would not be possible without their support.

Qualify in 3 Easy Steps:

Example of Free Personalized Fish Print

When you catch a fish 17" to 20 15/16" that is your personal best, you will qualify for a 20% discount for the Personalized Life-Size Print! The process is the same as for the free print - catch, document and safely release your fish & fill out the form above.

Then, purchase your print though the Mille Lacs Smallmouth Alliance.

The art is provided by The Catch and Release Shop. Regular price for these prints is $100, so your discounted price is $80.

The print will come rolled and shipped in a cardboard tube. Suitable for framing.

Other random prizes and gift cards for entries throughout the year. Must be a member to enter (but joining at the time of entry is allowed). Entrants extend permission to use photo in MLSA efforts. Thank you.

Special Thanks to our Sponsor of this Free Print Program!

Step #1: Catch a 21" or longer Smallmouth in Mille Lacs

Step #2: Document your Fish with 3 Photo's

  1. Grip N Grin - you holding your fish
  2. Fish on Measure (with mouth closed)
  3. Picture of the fish being safely released

Step #3: Fill out the form below with all of the details of your catch

Scroll down to see the Trophy Board with photo's of successful entrants.

Remember: This program is available to current MLSA Members only! Joining and entering for this program are allowed at the same time.

Receive A 20% Discount!

preserving and maintaining a world-class

trophy smallmouth bass fishery​

Smallmouth Bass art supplied courtesy of © Jon Q Wright / JQ Licensing

free the fighter trophy board