preserving and maintaining a world-class

trophy smallmouth bass fishery​

Smallmouth Bass art supplied courtesy of © Jon Q Wright / JQ Licensing


Who We Are:

With a spirit of cooperation, we are: sport anglers of all skill levels, area businesses, guides, clubs, tournament organizers and anyone who enjoys being outdoors.


Who We're Not:

Checking old attitudes at the door, we're not on a quest to harvest as many fish as possible, and we'd never measure a successful day in pounds of fish killed.

How You Can Help:

Members know their contribution - big or small—makes all the difference. Having resources to do the work at hand?


"The Alliance was created to give a unified voice to bass anglers across the country. Recognized as a world class smallmouth bass fishery, Mille Lacs needs to be respected. Ranked in the top 10 of several 'best' bass lakes lists, if managed correctly it will stay an incredible fishery for generations to come.  

- Pres. Jim DaRosa

​Board of Directors

Jim DaRosa: President -- DaRosa is a fishing guide and homeowner on Mille Lacs and has been a life long tournament angler. 

George Liddle, Jr.: Vice President -- Liddle is a tournament angler and fishing/boating industry executive and is a Mille Lacs area homeowner.

​​Linda Dahlen: Secretary/Treasurer -- Avid outdoorswoman and Isle Chamber Board President.

Justin Baldwin: Owner of Hunters Point Resort in Isle. 

Tony Roach: Famous for his guide service on Mille Lacs as well as tournaments and television shows across the upper Midwest, Roach is also an area homeowner.

Brian Wood: Avid angler and area homeowner. 

Jason Holmer: Tournament angler and media executive with Bass Utopia.

Mark Schutz:  Area homeowner and tournament angler and guide. Schutz also runs the Full Throttle Fishing tournament organization.

Ron DaRosa: Professional bass fishing guide and area homeowner​​.

Scott Bonnema: Tournament angler and guide, Bonnema is a generous philanthropic member of the Mille Lacs community.

Jason Schade:Avid angler and Founder/President of Major League Series LLC.

The Mille Lacs Smallmouth Alliance membership consists of sport anglers of all skill levels, Mille Lacs businesses, fishing guides, fishing clubs, tournament organizations and those who enjoy being in the outdoors.  Our “Free the Fighter” signs have been placed throughout the lake, in local businesses and sport shops, to educate the angling public as to the benefits of Catch and Release.   At the same time we are not opposed to well thought-out selective harvest plans that will keep the trophy population of Mille Lacs Smallmouth Bass healthy for all to enjoy for many years to come. We will partner and cooperate with the Minnesota DNR in lake management decisions.

​The Mille Lacs Smallmouth Alliance is a 501(c)(3)  charitable non-profit organization.*  The Alliance is dedicated to rebuilding, preserving and maintaining Mille Lacs as a world class trophy Smallmouth Bass fishery. 

Our work will include: educating fishermen, local businesses and visitors to the lake about the benefits of catch and release and advocating with conservation officials about sound fish management practices. We believe a healthy trophy Smallmouth Bass fishery contributes to the economic vitality of the Mille Lacs Lake area through tourism and overall healthy property values and a robust community. Plus, taking care of a precious natural resource is just the right thing to do.​                                               ​                                   * Recognized under IRC 401(a)

Smallmouth Bass art supplied courtesy of © Jon Q Wright / JQ Licensing

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